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20in20 community for Dianna Agron!

Welcome to dianna20in20 , the only 20in20 community dedicate.

- you must be a member to sign up
- only sign up if you are sure you want to participate.
- You must only make icons of Dianna (other people may be in the icon too, but it must include Dianna)
- You may enter only once in each round
- All the icons you enter must have been made specifically for this community - no using old work
- Icons must be posted before the deadline as a post to this community (you can either post a link to your own journal, or you may post them here, with a preview of 3 icons before the cut)
- All icons must be public, especially if you are posting them to your own journal
- Please take the time to look and comment on other people's icons
- When it comes to voting, don't be biased and don't vote for yourself/ask others to vote for you
- Icons must fit under LJ's standards (no bigger than 40 KB, 100x100, JPG GIF or PNG format)
- NO animation allowed, but you can use brushes, textures, text, etc.

** Due to recent issues with the hosting site 'Tinypic' please do not host your entries on this site.